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High Performance Water Systems, Inc. (HPWS) designs, manufactures and installs high quality Reverse Osmosis and Water Softening Equipment for Residential and Light Commercial/Industrial Service.  In addition, HPWS performs periodic operation, maintenance and repair services for a variety of residential and small water treatment systems.  With over 40 years in the water treatment and instrumentation fields, we’re qualified to solve nearly any water or process control issue.  Let us help you troubleshoot a difficult industrial process, meet compliance in dealing with an EPA/State regulated contaminant or simply supply your home or business with the highest quality water for personal use. 


HPWS Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems have attained "State Approved" status by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).  This means that all components in contact with treated water have been certified by a reputable testing agency for use in potable water systems; (UL, WQA, CSA, FDA, ANSI, NSF).  The High Performance name is synonymous with efficiency.  Our Pentair Ultramax line of self-sanitizing "demand" water softeners use the most efficient resin on the market and are programmed to use a minimal amount of salt (or potassium).  Our line of RO Systems is designed to attain the highest recovery possible thereby minimizing waste. Commercial RO Systems are equipped with reliable McDaniels Grade 1A Stainless Steel Liquid-filled Pressure Gauges, King Flowmeters and convenient sample taps throughout the RO process to monitor necessary parameters.  HPWS spares no expense in producing a dependable and user serviceable system. HPWS stands proudly behind our products with exceptional warranties.  It’s what separates us from the competition.   

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Our focus is on delivering highly efficient and durable products that will last decades rather than just a few years.   This is just another avenue to going "GREEN" if you stop to think about it.  Keeping "stuff" OUT of the landfills should be everyone's focus.  Quite simply, "Planned Obsolescence" is not in our vocabulary.  Unfortunately there is a huge variation of quality and product longevity in this industry.  We refuse to carry products that fail to live up to our high performance standards.  Generally speaking, "lowest cost" is not the way to go when choosing a water treatment product or contractor.  Not unless you want to go through the expense all over again in a couple of years.  A good portion of what is available on the market is designed cheaply enough that its' price is compelling vs. a higher quality system.  But, beware if you don't see a decent warranty behind the product!

Commercial/Residential Contractor License

HPWS has been a licensed Commercial/Residential CR-54 Water Conditioning Equipment Contractor with the State of Arizona Registrar of Contractors since March 23rd, 2006.      

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