• This "Demand" unit in many cases can lower salt use by 40% or more

  • Displays Time, and additional buttons for Capacity Remaining and Water Flowrate

  • Softener produces chlorine during regeneration that sanitizes the resin media

  • Soft water can reduce water heater power use by 30%

  • Soft water will lower soap use and make your skin feel amazing

  • Soft water extends the life of your clothing and appliances

  • Senses low salt concentration and displays warning "CHECK SALT" when salt levels are low

  • 28-Day Self-Adjusting Variable Reserve (learns water usage)

  • WQA Gold Seal Certified to NSF/ANSI 44 and CSA B483.1

  • NOVRAM Memory with Super Capacitor Backup assures all critical information is stored, even during power outages. 

  • Unlike other "Water Conditioners" on the market, our water softeners actually remove all water hardness molecules (calcium and magnesium)

  • Safety brine valve prevents brine tank overflow

  • 1" true high flow throughout system up to 25 gpm


 Lifetime Residential Softener Warranty

  • Lifetime Warranty of Brine Tank, Main Resin Tank, Resin, Valve Head

  • 7-Year Warranty of the Electronic Control

  • If you sell your home, the Warranty transfers to new owner

  • When HPWS relocates the softener to your new home, the Warranty follows!  

  • If Warranty repairs ever become necessary, parts AND labor are included at no cost to customer