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Residential Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems require annual maintenance in order to maintain consistently high quality product water.  We highly recommend utilizing our professional services because even those apparently “simple” residential drinking water RO systems can become (tricky) complicated for the do-it-yourselfer.  There’s really a lot more to it than just changing the filters.  A homeowner likely won’t have the ability to accurately test the water quality, calculate rejection rate, properly flush carbon filters and spot problems that a professional technician can.  Nor will they have the repair parts readily available if needed.  So why spend a good majority of your day buying over-priced and many times inappropriate or substandard filters from a big box store when you can save 75% or more buying the highest quality, longest lasting filters from High Performance Water.  With an extensive filter and parts inventory on hand, our technician will have your system serviced and operating at top efficiency in an hour or less.  Customers who watch us frequently comment that they had no idea there was so much involved in what would appear to be a simple residential RO Service.  That’s why they continue to trust “THE WATER GUYS” at High Performance Water Systems year after year.  We service nearly all brands of RO Systems except those with proprietary type filters such as Culligan, Kinetico and Ameritek. 


Proprietary RO systems are really just a scam on the unsuspecting customer because they end up costing over twice as much to maintain over the years.  Because these companies are the only ones who carry their style of filter, they have a monopoly and can charge your two or three times (or whatever amount) the prevailing rate for filters thus making them lots of money (and you poor!) 



Residential RO Service

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High Performance Water Systems provides periodic maintenance services for Water Softening Equipment, Reverse Osmosis, High Purity Systems and other related equipment for dental offices, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, carwashes, restaurants, hospitals and potable water supplies.  After a careful evaluation of your system, we will set up a comprehensive periodic maintenance program customized to your needs. 


Troubleshooting problems with existing treatment processes is our specialty.  We will recommend corrective measures and perform necessary system modifications that frequently result in more efficiency or cost savings to your water treatment process.  Trust High Performance Water Systems to provide properly trained water treatment technicians to evaluate, service, repair and if necessary, modify your water treatment system.


Commercial and Industrial Water

Treatment Services

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