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BEWARE: There are disreputable salesmen out there who mislead their customers into believing there is a salt-less way to get soft water or at least all the fine qualities and effects of soft water.  Either they are pushing magnets or conditioning systems that are supposed to keep the calcium from plating out on appliances.  Magnets have no proof of working to any degree on water yet they can fetch $1,500 from the unsuspecting customer.  In the best cases, a conditioning system is nothing more than a GAC filter that removes chlorine, tastes and odors.  Better than nothing, but they cannot dispute the fact that water entering and exiting their systems will test at the exact same hardness levels.  These systems do not reduce soap scum, reduce soap usage and prolong appliance life like a real water softener does.  And any "better feeling skin" may just be the new owner "wanting" to feel better about his or her purchase.  Believe us when we say we'd be the first to embrace such a technology if it really existed and we could all quit lugging around those bags of salt!  We suggest researching this further on your own if still in doubt.  Caveat Emptor!

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