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Reverse Osmosis, or "RO", is currently the most effective way to remove unwanted chemicals and mineral content from the water.  Up to 99.5% of all contaminants can be removed using this process.  What's left is just extremely pure tasteful water.  Many minerals in water supplies are actually harmful to your body, piping and appliances.  For instance, calcium in water is not in the form that can readily be absorbed by our bodies and can actually harm various organs.  So if you feel the need for extra minerals, eat foods that naturally contain what you need or take a vitamin supplement.  Water should not be the source of your minerals! 


There has been lots of talk recently about municipal sources containing "trace" amounts of everything from birth control, legal and illegal drugs, and even pesticides/herbicides.  More and more water is being "Recycled" and "Reused" by necessity, but unfortunately, contamination is the inevitable end result.  This process will continue to grow more acute over the coming years.  Municipal treatment (unless it is RO) cannot remove these contaminants! 


Let High Performance Water Systems install and maintain an RO System for you and then rest easy knowing you have the safest water available. 

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